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Charter school website launch

I have to say, I am really proud of this site. The Early College of Arvada is a college preparatory, free public charter school of 300 students. ECA partners with University of Colorado at Denver to provide students the opportunity to take college courses while still receiving the high levels of support offered at the high school level.

They had an urgent need to redesign their website, and I am so happy to have helped achieve that goal. I think their site tells their story, mission, and future seamlessly and I couldn’t be prouder.


Campus news website launch

tntodayI launched the redesign of Tennessee Today on this morning. Highlights of this redesign include providing an outstanding mobile experience, spotlighting news from our colleges, providing an easy way to sign up for and view past issues of our daily e-newsletter, providing story-to-story navigation and more efficient ways to browse stories of a similar topic, and drawing attention to ongoing campus news.

This project has been in the works for nearly two years and is a major accomplishment. Read more about the redesign or visit Tennessee Today.

Website launch!

GOTR KnoxvilleMy latest freelance project, Girls of the Run of Greater Knoxville, launched this morning!

For this project, I completed a domain transfer & registration and provide website hosting. The new website uses WordPress as a CMS. The website is entirely custom, designed and developed from scratch.

The overall design concept is energetic and playful, aligning with the overall brand of Girls on the Run International. The WordPress theme employs responsive web development (check out the site on your desktop computer compared to your smartphone!).

Family website migrated

A week or so ago I was talking about migrating all my WordPress installations to a new hosting provider. Well, my family website migration must be a cat because I swear it died 9 times on its way over. Eventually I just used Cyberduck and manually migrated the entire /uploads/ directory (btw, 4 years worth of images took FOREVER), then in phpMyAdmin I did SQL exports of every WordPress table in the installation, then on the new hosting space, imported all the SQL exports using phpMyAdmin. Took a while, everything looked beautiful when I visited the site, but I tried to login and was greeted with the error message:

You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.


Did lots of googling and discovered a fix that solved my permissions problem.

I changed table prefixes post-WordPress-installation (to match the SQL export), and I discovered there are a few values that are important to change in addition to the table prefixes.

Here are the additional values that must be changed:

In the


table, there are several meta_keys:


In the


table, there is a critical option_name that needs to be changed:


Depending on your install and plugins, there may be more. For me, this has fixed it. Will post again if it’s not enough.