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Netflix streaming now on all major gaming systems

Wii now has access to all of Netflix’s Instant Watch movies. From what I’ve read at Wired.com, Wii users will use the same process as PS3 users. If you already have a Netflix account, request the Netflix Streaming DVD at Netflix.com for your particular gaming system and then you’re ready to watch all the Instant Watch movies on your TV!

It took about a week to receive our streaming DVD (for PS3) when we requested it, but we haven’t had a major problem yet. The only instance (problem) that I can think of is Season 1 of TV show Jericho. The first few episodes play properly, and then the rest of the season doesn’t have any sound. But that was over a month ago — it could be fixed by now — and it was just that particular season of that particular TV show.

Elsewhere on the web I’ve seen that people are having issues with their Netflix streaming DVDs. Truly, I feel very bad for them because we’ve never had any issues (besides said issue with Jericho Season 1) and I use the streaming DVD every single day. Crazy, right? But it’s true. After work I come home and I do my exercise videos using the Netflix streaming DVD and usually watch a movie or TV show sometime after dinner. It’s great. I’m a HUGE advocate.

/* ——- UPDATE ——- */
Article in NYT today, “Nintendo Wii to Add Netflix Service for Streaming Video” adds that the Wii gaming system is not powerful enough to play the Netflix Instant Watch movies that are HD. It does note that:

“the Wii’s unusual interface, as well as the specifications of its hardware, created technical challenges to getting the service to work properly.”

It will be interesting to see how well the Netflix streaming DVD works on a Wii.

National ID deadline pushed back another year

I just found out that the Department of Homeland Security delayed National ID Cards (Real ID program) for another year. The deadline was Dec. 31 for state compliance and according to Wired.com, about half the states oppose or refuse to comply with the mandate.

This makes me happy because I lean towards the crazy ramblings of conspiracy theorists and I think only bad things will come from a national ID card. Between my passport, Driver’s License, Staff ID badge, marriage license, Social Security card, Credit Cards, etc.,…is it really that hard to tell who I am? And whether or not I’m a threat to national security? Well, the proponents of the national ID card say that the 9/11 bombers used Virginia Driver’s Licenses to board the planes, so we need higher ID security. I get that. I really do. But I don’t think that a national ID card will be anymore effective in stopping airplane hijackings than a state driver’s license.

Anyways, the other stipulation that Wired’s article mentions is that (before pushing the deadline back another year) effective Jan. 1 persons would not be able to board any airplanes with a driver’s license if their state did not comply with the Real ID program. Craziness. Well, I’m just happy that it has been delayed again and hopefully (from my point of view) it will never come into existence.

I hate sparkly pink sh*t

I genuinely can not stand any type of accessory, appliance, gadget, electronic device, anything that comes in light pink, baby pink, hot pink, fuschia pink, glittery pink, shiny pink, soft pink, and the list could go around the world twice. But basically, I really just hate sparkly pink electronic devices. Kills me.

It was refreshing to find out that I’m not the only one. Check out this article in Wired magazine about gender stereotypes in gadget development and marketing.

Vanishing Act

I’ve been watching this thing on Wired Magazine. Evan Ratliff, writer, is going into hiding for 30 days and if anyone can actually find him by September 15th, 2009 – s/he wins $5,000!! Pretty cool, right?

What I have found most interesting is that Wired is posting clues that any private investigator would get. Like where he’s using his ATM card, the IP address that he’s checking email from, et cetera. I just think it’s pretty cool. It kind of reminds me of one of my husband’s aunts. She likes to find out about all sorts of stuff and do research and poke around to get the nitty gritty. I think she’d enjoy this. It reminds me of a scavenger hunt. Or a glorified Where’s Waldo. There is even a group for it on Facebook. But really, everything is on Facebook. Well, I’m not. But pretty much every person, business, pet, or whatever is on Facebook.

Anyways, check out Evan Ratliff’s vanishing act. I would love to get a 30 day break from work and the hassle of daily life. Trying to avoid everyone I know….sounds like a damn good 30 days to me! 🙂