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Forgive me, I love LOST

Please forgive me because I keep posting these links to articles about Lost.

I’ll be honest. I’m a complete, freakly fanatic about Lost. And there are only a two episodes left for me to watch (only one left to air). And I’m so worried that every possible article may spoil things for me, I don’t actually read these Lost articles that I’m linking to. But the reason why I keep posting them, is to keep an archive of Lost articles that I want to read once the series is complete.

So….. check this one out from Wired.com, because I won’t (yet):
Storyboard: Unraveling Lost’s Island Paradox

Results are in, and I’m a fogie

Only Old Fogies Hate the New Facebook, Research Suggests“, from Wired.com

I always thought that graduating from college essentially equals “old.”

Apparently, finishing grad school equals “fogie.”

Not really. At least the article doesn’t say that. But I am DEFINITELY not 35 (see above article), roughly a decade younger (more or less than a decade is left to guesswork), and I have a superior hate for the new “like” feature, AND I’d rather be a fogie than “like” a whole bunch of random shit.

As I am boycotting Arizona and all things Arizona-related, I am also boycotting Facebook’s coup d’éta to overtake the entire Internet.

F both of them.

If you didn’t believe me, maybe now…

If you didn’t believe me when I said that Facebook sucks your life away, maybe now you will.

Wired.com reports that Facebook CEO apparently “doesn’t believe in privacy” in this article:

I really enjoyed the article; particularly the reflections on Facebook’s recent attempt to take over the web with the new “Like” button.

For obsessed LOST fans

For the obsessed Lost fans, like myself, one can never get enough inside scoop on the crazy occurrences in the plot line of Lost. Wired.com has an inside story with the creators of Lost, http://www.wired.com/magazine/2010/04/ff_lost. Unfortunately, I’m a few episodes behind and I’m too paranoid to read the article before getting all the way caught up or through the end of the season. I wouldn’t think the creators would spoil the ending, but they may give away too much. I’m not sure, but my paranoia about spoiling the ending prevents me from enjoying this article, for now.

If you’re caught up on Lost, I would check it out:

“death by PowerPoint”

I couldn’t resist. Check out this article about “death by PowerPoint” in NYT. It reminds of all my all hours-long turned to day-long struggles with PowerPoint in grad school.


It is baffling to see how many of our top military and political leaders spend creating or watching PowerPoint presentations. And I thought my stint with PowerPoint was limited to semester-end presentations… Apparently, I was horribly mistaken.

UPDATE 1.0: I was discussing this NYT PowerPoint article with my co-workers and we made quite a few jokes at PowerPoint’s expense. A few of my fav’s:
“At one point I was the Vice Chancellor of PowerPoint” <-- probably only funny to those who work for a University, but I am one of those so I found it hilarious "Power corrupts and PowerPoint corrupts absolutely" UPDATE 1.3: Google that last quote, Power corrupts and PowerPoint corrupts absolutely, and the first search result is a Wired article from 2003 titled "PowerPoint is Evil.”

Dig out those old floppy disks and release your inner artist

If you’re sitting around wondering, “what should I do this all these old floppy disks?”, take a cue from London artist Nick Gentry. Gentry has used old floppy disks as a component of his mixed media art. The floppy disks serve as a canvas for spray paint and oil paint. Small pieces use about six disks and his large pieces can use over one hundred disks.

Check out Gentry’s work on Flickr or check out the article about Gentry on Wired.com.