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First problem with PS3 and Netflix Instant Watch DVD

Well, it happened. We had our first issue with our PS3 and Netflix Instant Watch DVD this past Sunday night.

We popped the disc in, planning on watching a couple episodes of Lost (Season 2). We instantly got the “Cannot connect to Netflix” error message.

We turned off the PS3, wiped off the disc, reset our Internet connection, and tried again. Same message.

I popped open the laptop and went to the Netflix website help pages, searching for some notice that service was bogged down or there was some other network problem occurring. To my dismay, nada. So I googled the error message plus “PS3 Netflix Instant Watch”. Within a few minutes, I found a fix.

Turn on your PS3, manually set the Date and Time, and then pop in the Netflix Instant Watch disc. It worked just fine after that; we were able to watch a couple episodes of Lost right away.

Mark found out that the problem wasn’t with Netflix, but actually with Playstation. Apparently the Playstation network went down sometime on Sunday. All gaming was unavailable and anyone that turned on their Playstation lost all trophies from any online gaming and was not able to use the Netflix Instant Watch disc. When I came home from work on Monday and turned on the PS3 to do some exercise videos off of the Netflix Instant Watch disc, I had to manually reset the date and time (the Instant Watch worked fine after that). By the time that Mark came home and turned the PS3 on for more Lost off of Instant Watch, the date and time was set at the correct day/time. We didn’t manually adjust anything, just put in the Instant Watch disc, and it worked perfectly.

Haven’t had any problems with it since. The other interesting thing that Mark told me about this whole fiasco was that all the latest PS3 models, the slim model, did not have any issues this past Sunday/Monday. I almost kind of hoped that Playstation wouldn’t fix the network and we’d get a free slim model 🙂

Netflix streaming now on all major gaming systems

Wii now has access to all of Netflix’s Instant Watch movies. From what I’ve read at Wired.com, Wii users will use the same process as PS3 users. If you already have a Netflix account, request the Netflix Streaming DVD at Netflix.com for your particular gaming system and then you’re ready to watch all the Instant Watch movies on your TV!

It took about a week to receive our streaming DVD (for PS3) when we requested it, but we haven’t had a major problem yet. The only instance (problem) that I can think of is Season 1 of TV show Jericho. The first few episodes play properly, and then the rest of the season doesn’t have any sound. But that was over a month ago — it could be fixed by now — and it was just that particular season of that particular TV show.

Elsewhere on the web I’ve seen that people are having issues with their Netflix streaming DVDs. Truly, I feel very bad for them because we’ve never had any issues (besides said issue with Jericho Season 1) and I use the streaming DVD every single day. Crazy, right? But it’s true. After work I come home and I do my exercise videos using the Netflix streaming DVD and usually watch a movie or TV show sometime after dinner. It’s great. I’m a HUGE advocate.

/* ——- UPDATE ——- */
Article in NYT today, “Nintendo Wii to Add Netflix Service for Streaming Video” adds that the Wii gaming system is not powerful enough to play the Netflix Instant Watch movies that are HD. It does note that:

“the Wii’s unusual interface, as well as the specifications of its hardware, created technical challenges to getting the service to work properly.”

It will be interesting to see how well the Netflix streaming DVD works on a Wii.

Netflix Instant Watch DVD & PS3

Wow, I have to say it — Netflix is catching on. I know that in the past I have complained about the quality of Netflix Instant Watch, whether or not it’s streaming on my computer or streaming on my TV via PlayOn.

Well…I take it back.

Mark requested the DVD from Netflix that enables you to view your Instant Watch queue and watch Instant Watch movies on your PS3. He put in the request two weeks ago and last Wednesday it came in the mail. This past weekend I really got a chance to play around with it and check it out.

You just put in the Netflix DVD like any other DVD and it connects the Internet and brings up your Instant Watch queue. You can also browse the Instant Watch recently added DVDs and browse the Instant Watch movies by different genres. I’ve heard from many places (Mark, NPR, etc.) that Netflix is working on getting its ENTIRE collection available via Instant Watch. Very Smart.

But the Instant Watch on PS3 interface is super easy to navigate and understand. It’s not very fast to scroll through, but it’s about as fast as scrolling through the AppleTV. The playback doesn’t skip or cut out at all, and it will remember where you stopped the movie when you go back to play it again.

Apparently, Mark told me this, Netflix signed a contract with XBox360, but once that contract is up (sometime in the new year) then Netflix will provide an update and you won’t need the Netflix DVD for the PS3 anymore. It’ll just auto-connect when you turn on the PS3. Very, very awesome!

10 stars for the Netflix Instant Watch DVD & PS3!!!


Well, I just saw an article in NYT titled, “What the Heck Is Going on With Apple TV?“. It notes that Apple seems to be stuck when it comes to the Apple TV. Apparently, it wasn’t even mentioned during Apple’s quarterly earnings call yesterday (July 21).

Well…my husband I have an Apple TV. Mark really got quite interested in it and then he got me hooked on it. It was a way for us to watch HD movies on our (then) new HDTV. We didn’t have a PS3 at that point to play BluRay DVDs and the AppleTV allowed us to rent movies and watch TV shows. We’ve had it for over a year now and some days it makes me quite angry, but over the past few months I’ve just come to be at peace with its many quirks and funky moods.
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