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Lady Hike at Shuckstack Fire Tower in NC

My ladies hiking group headed out for the first day hike of 2013 to Shuckstack Fire Tower in North Carolina

Tick Bite 101

Remove the tick immediately. If it’s a biggie and won’t come off, try holding a flame to it. It will loosen its grip and you’ll be able to pull it off. Make sure that the head comes off. It’s not recommended to burn it off, but it’s a means to an end.

If you get a fever within the next 24 hours, go to the doctor.

If a bullseye-like inflammation develops around the bite, go to the doctor.

If for the next 48 hours it becomes raised and inflamed and itchy and sometime painful, go to the doctor.

Ticks need to be attached for a 24 hour period to transmit diseases.

On Sunday, I had a tick attached to my leg for a maximum of three hours. Yesterday it was raised, inflamed, itchy, and bothersome. Today it hadn’t gotten any worse, but hadn’t really gotten any better. Mark took me to my doctor’s office during lunch and I was in and out within 20 minutes. I told her what happened, showed her the bite, and she prescribed a preventative antibiotic.

She told me about the 24 hour period for disease transmission, but she also said that little parts/pieces may remain inside you even after you’ve removed the tick (GROSS!) and it’s better to be safe than sorry. So I took her recommendation and got prescribed an antibiotic.