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Still hating on Facebook, but some props to be given

I’m still hating on Facebook, and I probably always will. I just love to hate on them. Anyways, Facebook CEO wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post that is a worthwhile read:

So the props to be given…
1) He acknowledges they missed the mark. Recognizing they did something that wholly sucked and publicly taking responsibility for it — props.
2) They are going to provide a way to turn off all third party services. Enough said. MAD props.
3) They want to [continue] dialogue. Now I know that dialogue (in my opinion) is one of those buzz words that people throw around to give the impression they care about other people’s thoughts and feelings. But, I am an idealistic optimist at heart, and I think dialogue is constructive. I don’t know if I necessarily agree with the “continue” dialogue, but I might be too much of a hater and be unaware of the dialogue they have previously started and sustained. Anyways, props.

Results are in, and I’m a fogie

Only Old Fogies Hate the New Facebook, Research Suggests“, from Wired.com

I always thought that graduating from college essentially equals “old.”

Apparently, finishing grad school equals “fogie.”

Not really. At least the article doesn’t say that. But I am DEFINITELY not 35 (see above article), roughly a decade younger (more or less than a decade is left to guesswork), and I have a superior hate for the new “like” feature, AND I’d rather be a fogie than “like” a whole bunch of random shit.

As I am boycotting Arizona and all things Arizona-related, I am also boycotting Facebook’s coup d’├ęta to overtake the entire Internet.

F both of them.

If you didn’t believe me, maybe now…

If you didn’t believe me when I said that Facebook sucks your life away, maybe now you will.

Wired.com reports that Facebook CEO apparently “doesn’t believe in privacy” in this article:

I really enjoyed the article; particularly the reflections on Facebook’s recent attempt to take over the web with the new “Like” button.

Others notice that Facebook sucks your life away

I deactivated and deleted my Facebook account over 2 years ago. Many reasons contributed to the decision, but the main reason is that Facebook sucks your face-to-face, real, truly social, not-in-front-of-a-computer life down the cyberspace drain.

Apparently others are starting to notice what a waste of life Facebook can be. NYT has an article that talks about how lots of teens are starting to Defriend Facebook.

Check it out: