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Swooshing in Illustrator

I can never remember how to make swirls in Illustrator. Every single time I do it, I have to reference this tutorial:

It is, by far, the best tutorial out there on swirls and swooshes in Illustrator.

Making swooshes is actually pretty straightforward. Make a circle with the Ellipse tool, then convert one of the side of the circle in to an anchor point using the “Convert to Anchor Point tool.” Turn this guy in to a brush. Then make a spiral using the spiral tool. While the spiral you made is selected, apply your new brush to it. Voila! It’s a swoosh!

See, I remember the steps on how to do it, it’s just the tutorial is very detailed and thorough so I always think I need to go back and look at it. And it’s probably a good idea.

Moving over to a new blog…

Well, Mark and I got married (YAY!!!) and I’m slowly getting all my ducks in a row and changing all of their names, buying new domain names, and moving over all the info, data, and blog posts possible. It’s been a hassle and I just started an hour ago. At least I started changing the fun stuff first, like web stuff, before I really tackle the painful things. Like waiting in line at the Social Security office. And then driving ALL THE WAY ACROSS MADISON to go wait in another line at the DMV. But I don’t planning on tackling the painful things until we return to Wisconsin from Samoa…in one month and 3 days from now. I’m counting down the days until we leave and today it’s at 18 days until we leave for Colorado and 22 days until we leave for Samoa. I need to get a lot of stuff done between now and then, so wish me luck!

Anyways. Here are some ramblings from a blog I had on WordPress about a year ago and then another blog I had on a website I made with iWeb more recently:
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