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Exploding iPhones and Growing Bing

In supposedly isolated cases, two different iPhones exploded in Europe. A teenager in France had an iPhone and it exploded, sending a shard of debris in to his eye. In England, the iPhone ‘jumped into the air’ after it was dropped. I’m seriously not making it up. Look up exploding iPhones in the NYT. The article says that the phones overheated and then exploded. Be careful how close you hold your iPhone to your face if it starts feeling warm…

In Bing’s second month, it continues to grow in usage and market share. Now people are just wondering if Bing can sustain this type of rapid-growing usage. Especially when the heavy marketing campaign dies down. Actually, I’m getting pretty sick of seeing the commercials for Bing at the movie theaters. We will see. Read more about Bing at NYT.