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AppleTV update….FINALLY

About a week ago, I get this strange, yet exciting, email with the subject line “Important message about your ApptleTV.” Expecting some email about how the AppleTV may blow up because it’s so finicky and Apple never releases any updates or anything to help the wackiness of the AppleTV, I was surprisingly wrong.

The important message was an email providing 4 steps to download & install an update. Thank the computer gods, this is what we’ve been waiting for people.

So it took Mark a day to get around to it, but he downloaded & installed it like the important message told us to do. Most notably, the update included an update to the interface. That was a HUGE step in the right direction. It’s much more intuitive and sleeker.

In terms of other aspects of the update–the email said the update “prevents content from temporarily disappearing until it is resynced.” We don’t sync our content with iTunes because we have too much music for that to make any sense (and take less than 5 days). But, we didn’t lose any content and it hasn’t been finicky at all since we installed the update.

Apple, please don’t wait another 3 years to have another AppleTV update. Those of us who have the AppleTV really need you to pay attention to this project and not just leave us hanging. I love Apple and I love non-finicky Apple products. Thanks much.

Netflix Instant Watch DVD & PS3

Wow, I have to say it — Netflix is catching on. I know that in the past I have complained about the quality of Netflix Instant Watch, whether or not it’s streaming on my computer or streaming on my TV via PlayOn.

Well…I take it back.

Mark requested the DVD from Netflix that enables you to view your Instant Watch queue and watch Instant Watch movies on your PS3. He put in the request two weeks ago and last Wednesday it came in the mail. This past weekend I really got a chance to play around with it and check it out.

You just put in the Netflix DVD like any other DVD and it connects the Internet and brings up your Instant Watch queue. You can also browse the Instant Watch recently added DVDs and browse the Instant Watch movies by different genres. I’ve heard from many places (Mark, NPR, etc.) that Netflix is working on getting its ENTIRE collection available via Instant Watch. Very Smart.

But the Instant Watch on PS3 interface is super easy to navigate and understand. It’s not very fast to scroll through, but it’s about as fast as scrolling through the AppleTV. The playback doesn’t skip or cut out at all, and it will remember where you stopped the movie when you go back to play it again.

Apparently, Mark told me this, Netflix signed a contract with XBox360, but once that contract is up (sometime in the new year) then Netflix will provide an update and you won’t need the Netflix DVD for the PS3 anymore. It’ll just auto-connect when you turn on the PS3. Very, very awesome!

10 stars for the Netflix Instant Watch DVD & PS3!!!


Well, I just saw an article in NYT titled, “What the Heck Is Going on With Apple TV?“. It notes that Apple seems to be stuck when it comes to the Apple TV. Apparently, it wasn’t even mentioned during Apple’s quarterly earnings call yesterday (July 21).

Well…my husband I have an Apple TV. Mark really got quite interested in it and then he got me hooked on it. It was a way for us to watch HD movies on our (then) new HDTV. We didn’t have a PS3 at that point to play BluRay DVDs and the AppleTV allowed us to rent movies and watch TV shows. We’ve had it for over a year now and some days it makes me quite angry, but over the past few months I’ve just come to be at peace with its many quirks and funky moods.
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