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From a Cat loving Mac user

I love cats and I also am an Apple lover. The naming convention of Apple operating systems has never bothered me. In fact, I’ve only thought of it as EXTREMELY cool and a great use of branding. But others may have a difference of opinion and that was brought to my attention this morning when perusing the NYT website.

Check out this article that asks the question, “Is It Time for Apple to Retire the Cats?

My firm answer: No.


The new iPad

I know that everyone has their own opinion about what Apple did right or wrong concerning the 2010 release of the iPad. I’ve read some reviews, I’ve looked at the product on the Apple website, and I’ve held my tongue. For long enough. I will finally voice my personal opinion.

1.) It’s more along the lines of a phone than a computer. The interface is the same as the iPhone, not the iMac or the Mac Pro or any of the computer lines. I wanted a tablet computer, not a tablet phone. I do take into consideration that the lines between phone and computer have become more and more blurred, but it is undeniable that the iPad is closer to a phone than a computer. Which brings me to my second point.

2.) 64GB is just not enough. And I realize that 64GB is the largest hard drive it comes with at the moment, but I still say it’s not enough. Sure, that’s a few gigs more than what we have at home on our iBook, but our iBook is also 4 or 5 years old and runs slow. But I suppose that ties in with my first point. 64GB is a lot for phone. It’s not a lot for a computer.

3.) To me, it just screams first generation. I think that by the 3rd or 4th, Mark and I will be in line to buy ours — but right now, it almost seems like a waste of money. Good idea, maybe not excellently executed.

What I wished for was a tablet computer that could run all programs of the Adobe CS4 Web Premium software at the same time, multiple browsers open, with iPhoto & iTunes running. And no lag. That would be a huge feat that graphic designers and artist and all sorts of other people could use and appreciate.

Do I ask for too much?

Watch out smokers, Apple may not fix your stuff

Whenever I read something about Apple that is negative, or in my opinion it’s negative, I become overwhelmed with my disappointment with Apple.

I think it’s pretty obvious that I’m an Apple supporter & although I am fluent on a Mac and on a PC, I’d take a Mac any day of the week over a PC. So because of my unfaltering support and love for Apple, I truly feel hurt when they do something that makes me disappointed in the company as a whole.

NYT has an article, “Reason to Quit – Apple Warranties Void for Smokers,” that describes that Apple has denied two warranty service for Apple products because of secondhand smoke.

Smoke was not the cause of any of the malfunctions, it was the reason to deny warranty service. Apparently, the presence of Apple products in the homes of smokers is reasonable cause for repair techs to not service the products. The line of reasoning used is that Apple does not require an employee to repair anything deemed hazardous to their health. Nicotine is hazardous to health, so Apple repair employees have the right to refuse service.

The author of the article is highly skeptical of significant danger associated with these Apple products used under smoking conditions. I’m highly skeptical and highly disappointed. I can get over my disappointment with Apple because of my unconditional love, but I really can’t get over my disappointment in the repair personnel. In my opinion, it is absolutely ridiculous. What are they going to do next? Refuse to work on Apple products that have been used by an alcoholic for 5 years? Alcohol is hazardous to health. What about Apple products that have been used next to vehicle exhaust fumes for years and years, like in auto-body shops? What about Apple products that have been used in laboratories with noxious gases? And Apple products that have been systematically exposed to large amounts of carbon monoxide?

Seriously and irrevocably disappointed. Get a life. Do your job. What a complete cop out.

AppleTV update….FINALLY

About a week ago, I get this strange, yet exciting, email with the subject line “Important message about your ApptleTV.” Expecting some email about how the AppleTV may blow up because it’s so finicky and Apple never releases any updates or anything to help the wackiness of the AppleTV, I was surprisingly wrong.

The important message was an email providing 4 steps to download & install an update. Thank the computer gods, this is what we’ve been waiting for people.

So it took Mark a day to get around to it, but he downloaded & installed it like the important message told us to do. Most notably, the update included an update to the interface. That was a HUGE step in the right direction. It’s much more intuitive and sleeker.

In terms of other aspects of the update–the email said the update “prevents content from temporarily disappearing until it is resynced.” We don’t sync our content with iTunes because we have too much music for that to make any sense (and take less than 5 days). But, we didn’t lose any content and it hasn’t been finicky at all since we installed the update.

Apple, please don’t wait another 3 years to have another AppleTV update. Those of us who have the AppleTV really need you to pay attention to this project and not just leave us hanging. I love Apple and I love non-finicky Apple products. Thanks much.