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Phenom Photoshop Resource

I was looking around at several Lomo Camera Effect Photoshop tutorials and found a really great one. It is one of the best Photoshop tutorials that I’ve seen and used in a while. The related posts at the bottom of that article excite me so much that I can’t wait to get home and try them out.

Here are a few versions of what I was working on (having fun with):

Swooshing in Illustrator

I can never remember how to make swirls in Illustrator. Every single time I do it, I have to reference this tutorial:

It is, by far, the best tutorial out there on swirls and swooshes in Illustrator.

Making swooshes is actually pretty straightforward. Make a circle with the Ellipse tool, then convert one of the side of the circle in to an anchor point using the “Convert to Anchor Point tool.” Turn this guy in to a brush. Then make a spiral using the spiral tool. While the spiral you made is selected, apply your new brush to it. Voila! It’s a swoosh!

See, I remember the steps on how to do it, it’s just the tutorial is very detailed and thorough so I always think I need to go back and look at it. And it’s probably a good idea.