Luna Design is knowledgeable about a wide range of communication and marketing topics. We will discuss, brainstorm, and strategize according to your specific needs.

Design + Development

Phone, in person, and/or email consultation to determine needs. Project quote provided. Negotiation between Luna Design and client. When price is agreed upon, 40% due up front and 60% due upon completion of project.

Typical website projects run between $2,000 and $5,000, depending on complexity. Typical HTML e-mail projects run between $1,000 and $3,000, depending on complexity. Electronic communication strategies (including a website) begin at $5,000.

Website Updates

Hourly Rate

$150 non-refundable deposit + $100 hourly, for-profit clients. $100 initial charge + $75 hourly, non-profit clients. Non-refundable deposit due up front. Hourly charge pro-rated to actual time spent.

Annual Rate

$1,000 annually for non-profit clients.
$1,500 annually for for-profit clients.


Case-by-case basis depending on number of photoshoots & locations required. Base rate is $75 per hour, for-profit and non-profit clients.

Logo Design

Logos are a more complex project and require several discovery sessions, proofs, edits, and time to create something that captures your mission and goals. Base rate is $150 per hour, for-profit and non-profit clients.

Web and Email Hosting

If you don’t have a website, then we’ll need to secure a domain and server space. This service is $75 annually. If you want to host your own email at your custom domain, we can secure a domain and email hosting. This service is $150 for initial set-up, then minimum of $60 annually (depending on the number of email addresses).

Domain Transfer

If you have a domain name, but need to transfer ownership. This service is $100 per transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What consulting services do you provide?

Everything communications and marketing, including but not limited to general needs, HTML emails (aka, e-newsletters), translating print marketing materials to the web, website design and redesign, print design, content management systems, social media platforms, database creation, search engine optimization (SEO), website analytics, and many, many, more topics. Just ask!

What CMS can you provide?

I can provide WordPress as a content management system. I also provide an hour of one-to-one training and basic documentation included in every website project.

How do you invoice and keep track of time spent on a project?

I use Freshbooks as a time tracking and invoicing system. Clients are provided with a login for their project and they can monitor time spent and the progress of a project. Clients receive print and/or electronic invoices. Payment is accepted online via PayPal, in person via Square, and cheques made payable to Lili’a Neville.

Final invoice balances are due within fifteen (15) business days of the final invoice delivery. Twenty percent (20%) of the remaining balance will be charged on a monthly basis beginning on the sixteenth (16th) business day following the final invoice date until the remaining balance is paid off.

What constitutes an update?

Here’s a few examples: Adding a new person to a staff page; Adjusting text to reflect a change in the business; Replacing a PDF; Changing a contact; Adding a new page to the website; Adding a photo gallery.

Will you perform updates on a site you did not design or develop?

Absolutely. We will need to coordinate technical information so I can access the website, but I will perform updates on sites that I did not design.

Why do you have for-profit and non-profit rates?

Because my background is in higher education. This means I work with entities that are working with a very tight budget. I recognize the need to be flexible according to individual financial situations.

Note that the client can always choose an a la carte service. In this way, clients are not relegated to their for-profit or non-profit prices. You get to name the price and the work needed and we’ll go from there.