Campus news website launch

tntodayI launched the redesign of Tennessee Today on this morning. Highlights of this redesign include providing an outstanding mobile experience, spotlighting news from our colleges, providing an easy way to sign up for and view past issues of our daily e-newsletter, providing story-to-story navigation and more efficient ways to browse stories of a similar topic, and drawing attention to ongoing campus news.

This project has been in the works for nearly two years and is a major accomplishment. Read more about the redesign or visit Tennessee Today.


I have a really great boss. Today, he brought us playdoh to express ourselves or release stress or get over design/writer’s block or whatever else adults use playdoh for. My crafty companion and I created a seascape. She had blue & I had orange. Not exactly UT colors, but hey. Still cool.


Crafty door decoration

We have a very dear couple as close friends. The hubby friend chiseled a slate tile into a heart. He tried hanging it with a copper nail, but had no luck. Knowing that I am a crafty woman, he gifted it to me. I tried to get it to work with my decorations, but I couldn’t so I had the idea to craft it and then gift it back to them.

I painted a serif “H” on it in a cream color (their last name begins with H) and let it dry. Then I hung a jute rope off it and tied a bow with burlap ribbon with a teal chevron pattern.

Adoraballs. They love it 🙂


Race photo faces?

I’ve never seen a single flattering picture me running. I always see pictures of people smiling and all thumbs up and waving. I am not one of those people at all! Here’s the latest and greatest of my fierce and terrifying race faces from the Myrtle Beach Half Marathon.

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 8.41.04 AM