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Website shown on local news channel

This article is a few months old, but I was doing some googling for one of my UT websites, and I found this article:

It features a video in addition to a text story, and in the video they do B-roll of several pages of my site! It’s so great to see what an impact the things we do every day have on other people.

Our core Cone Zone team brainstormed about what to name this campaign, how to brand it, how to launch it, wayfinding, signage, responsive website design & development, use of QR codes, analytics on the QR codes and website… oh gosh, tons and tons of conceptualization and strategizing. And, of course, execution. Right now we’re doing another big push to get some signage and new features up before the new students arrive on campus.

It’s really flattering and exciting to see the hard work pay off. 🙂

Self-indentified Butcher

My husband and I are part of a Meat CSA (same concept as a produce CSA, but instead of shares of fresh produce, we receive shares of local, fresh meat).

Anyhow, we’re considered “founding” members and my butchering skills have grown exponentially in the past year or two. At this point, I want to step up my game (I must confess, watching the MasterChef episode when they get rabbit was highly motivational–we get rabbit A LOT).

I’ve been watching a considerable amount of butchering videos on YouTube, and this one is by far the best one that I’ve seen for chickens:


4 photo shoots and six videos later… I am exhausted. Is commencement done yet? Whew. One more photo shoot to go, I can make it!!!

Here’s the three videos I did today:

Video editing, anyone?

I’ve done some basic video editing before. And both times I used iMovie. One time for a final project in graduate school I had to make a photo story. I didn’t have to work with live movie clips, I worked with still images I’d taken. Second time was putting captions on my wedding video. That was about 3 years ago and neither was too heavy handed. Since then, I’ve had an hour training on Final Cut Pro.

I’m happy to report that has monumentally changed within the past 24 hours. This year for commencement we decided to do flip cam videos of the graduates immediately following our largest ceremonies. We’ve got two big ceremonies tomorrow, but so far, I’ve edited three flip cam movies. Yesterday, I learned how to use Adobe Premiere. And then I edited a video. Today, I edited two videos. They’re obviously not the next Avatar or anything, but I’m pretty proud.