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Still hating on Facebook, but some props to be given

I’m still hating on Facebook, and I probably always will. I just love to hate on them. Anyways, Facebook CEO wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post that is a worthwhile read:

So the props to be given…
1) He acknowledges they missed the mark. Recognizing they did something that wholly sucked and publicly taking responsibility for it — props.
2) They are going to provide a way to turn off all third party services. Enough said. MAD props.
3) They want to [continue] dialogue. Now I know that dialogue (in my opinion) is one of those buzz words that people throw around to give the impression they care about other people’s thoughts and feelings. But, I am an idealistic optimist at heart, and I think dialogue is constructive. I don’t know if I necessarily agree with the “continue” dialogue, but I might be too much of a hater and be unaware of the dialogue they have previously started and sustained. Anyways, props.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-23

OMG. I’m floored. I want one.
scientist creates synthetic life form = creating artificial life that could never have existed naturally.
1st band at last night Sundown rocked. Best cover of Welcome to the Jungle…. EVER

Can’t wait to get my hands on CS5… The new Dreamweaver looks BOMB.

Dalai Lama was in Madison (again) this past weekend. He must like the cheese. Or the science. Or Bucky.

had a great 1st wedding anniversary last Sat

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    Results are in, and I’m a fogie

    Only Old Fogies Hate the New Facebook, Research Suggests“, from

    I always thought that graduating from college essentially equals “old.”

    Apparently, finishing grad school equals “fogie.”

    Not really. At least the article doesn’t say that. But I am DEFINITELY not 35 (see above article), roughly a decade younger (more or less than a decade is left to guesswork), and I have a superior hate for the new “like” feature, AND I’d rather be a fogie than “like” a whole bunch of random shit.

    As I am boycotting Arizona and all things Arizona-related, I am also boycotting Facebook’s coup d’├ęta to overtake the entire Internet.

    F both of them.

    If you didn’t believe me, maybe now…

    If you didn’t believe me when I said that Facebook sucks your life away, maybe now you will. reports that Facebook CEO apparently “doesn’t believe in privacy” in this article:

    I really enjoyed the article; particularly the reflections on Facebook’s recent attempt to take over the web with the new “Like” button.

    Others notice that Facebook sucks your life away

    I deactivated and deleted my Facebook account over 2 years ago. Many reasons contributed to the decision, but the main reason is that Facebook sucks your face-to-face, real, truly social, not-in-front-of-a-computer life down the cyberspace drain.

    Apparently others are starting to notice what a waste of life Facebook can be. NYT has an article that talks about how lots of teens are starting to Defriend Facebook.

    Check it out: