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First webinar!

I successfully presented my first webinar via Zoom Meeting to the Frederick Community College President’s Diversity Task Force.

Zoom Meeting is software similar to GoToMeeting or UberMeeting. I’m lucky to have IT at the university provide a pro-level subscription serve to the meeting software and detailed documentation, but my overall experience with configuration was painless.

I presented on communicating diversity in broad terms: opportunities, challenges, and then methods to consider for internal and external communications.

It was a challenging experience presenting via webinar, I am much more comfortable presenting via in-person settings like conferences or workshops. Unfortunately I couldn’t see the participants at Frederick Community College and there were some audio issues during the Q&A. However, I think my overall delivery of the content went well and I had a great experience prepping for this new opportunity.

Website launch!

GOTR KnoxvilleMy latest freelance project, Girls of the Run of Greater Knoxville, launched this morning!

For this project, I completed a domain transfer & registration and provide website hosting. The new website uses WordPress as a CMS. The website is entirely custom, designed and developed from scratch.

The overall design concept is energetic and playful, aligning with the overall brand of Girls on the Run International. The WordPress theme employs responsive web development (check out the site on your desktop computer compared to your smartphone!).

Website shown on local news channel

This article is a few months old, but I was doing some googling for one of my UT websites, and I found this article:

It features a video in addition to a text story, and in the video they do B-roll of several pages of my site! It’s so great to see what an impact the things we do every day have on other people.

Our core Cone Zone team brainstormed about what to name this campaign, how to brand it, how to launch it, wayfinding, signage, responsive website design & development, use of QR codes, analytics on the QR codes and website… oh gosh, tons and tons of conceptualization and strategizing. And, of course, execution. Right now we’re doing another big push to get some signage and new features up before the new students arrive on campus.

It’s really flattering and exciting to see the hard work pay off. 🙂

Dolly Parton + Marketing

Typically marketing speak is generally lost on me. Which is not necessary a good thing since I’m in the communications & marketing field. I guess what I mean to say is that in general, marketing talks, webinars, lectures, etc., can all sound like intuitive mumbo jumbo spun up to be confusing and intimidating to most people. Which is likely a marketing ploy, hahaha. But seriously, this is an excellent example of talking about brand and marketing in a way that is accessible, tangible, and if you live in east Tennessee, close to home. Enjoy What Dolly Parton Teaches Us All:

Over the past year, I’ve attended live shows by music legends ranging from Tom Jones to Blondie. Seeing these past-their-prime performers has taught me three important things:

Classic songs never really go out of style.
Nobody is as skinny as they used to be.
And plastic surgery can only accomplish so much.

Then in October I saw Dolly Parton in concert. On a superficial level I learned two things.

Simplicity is the key to timeless songwriting.
Plastic surgery can accomplish a lot!

But isn’t there more that I, as a professional communicator, could learn from a self-made composer/actress/entrepreneur/international star like Dolly Parton? Here’s what a night with Dolly can teach us all: