Family website migrated

A week or so ago I was talking about migrating all my WordPress installations to a new hosting provider. Well, my family website migration must be a cat because I swear it died 9 times on its way over. Eventually I just used Cyberduck and manually migrated the entire /uploads/ directory (btw, 4 years worth of images took FOREVER), then in phpMyAdmin I did SQL exports of every WordPress table in the installation, then on the new hosting space, imported all the SQL exports using phpMyAdmin. Took a while, everything looked beautiful when I visited the site, but I tried to login and was greeted with the error message:

You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.


Did lots of googling and discovered a fix that solved my permissions problem.

I changed table prefixes post-WordPress-installation (to match the SQL export), and I discovered there are a few values that are important to change in addition to the table prefixes.

Here are the additional values that must be changed:

In the


table, there are several meta_keys:


In the


table, there is a critical option_name that needs to be changed:


Depending on your install and plugins, there may be more. For me, this has fixed it. Will post again if it’s not enough.

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