I might be trumped

So I have relentlessly hated on the iPad because of the lack of a USB drive. I think the announcement of iCloud has bested me. I’ll need to find out more, but it seems to me that if you have iCloud and can push all your data to all your devices… is a USB drive a thing of the past?

One thought on “I might be trumped

  • torrin

    I vote yes, though in a context completely independent of the iPad. For years I’ve needed a quick and easy way to keep files synchronized between my home laptop and a workstation that stayed behind in North Carolina, and my home desktop that I keep off of the corporate network. USB can’t do cross-country transfers so well. I started with Windows FolderShare/Live Sync before they rebranded it Live Mesh and dropped support for Windows XP (still the only OS allowed on the EPA network!). These days I use SugarSync to do the same thing, as well as backup our documents to the cloud and sync photos taken on my Android. Checho prefers Dropbox, and we use that to share photos with mom, it has a different set of bells and whistles, but they don’t fight. One way or another, PC or Mac, tablet or laptop or smartphone, the cloud is definitely where stuff belongs.


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