To USB or Not To USB? Part 2

iPad2 is completely sold out online and in stores. In New York, a woman sold her physical spot in line outside the Apple store for $900 ( She was first in line, but still… Wow. Other customers are waiting almost a month to receive theirs (

I still can’t find any firm information on whether or not it has a USB port. I know that there is a front and back camera, it’s faster and slimmer, the resolution hasn’t improved, and there is no SD slot. What about USB?

I found this, and it’s the best info on USB that I’ve found. It compares the Motorola Xoom and the iPad 2. It says that the Xoom has “many unique features” that are “specifically not available” on iPad 2 (Flash, 4G, SD slot, USB port, and built-in HDMI). I’ve re-read this article several times, and I can’t tell if these “unique features” are available on iPad 2 but don’t come in the standard config, OR if they’re just not available at all. Which seems to be the case because I know you can’t config an iPad to play Flash.

And this one is incredibly confusing. In the Battery Life section, it mentions that you can try and charge your iPad 2 via USB on your computer or laptop, but then later on says that a USB port is “one of the most wished-for features” by users.


Does anyone know, for sure, if there is a USB port on the iPad2??

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