Interface Splash

In the last two or so weeks, I noticed that Google did one of their slight tweaks to the interface that you just barely notice. At the top, the links to Gmail, Calendar, Documents, Maps, etc and the account name have changed (click for larger image).

As far as I know, they rolled out this changed in Gmail, Documents, and Maps…

…but not yet in Calendar. I doubt that’s the full list of where they’ve rolled it out, but those are the ones that I use regularly and noticed (click for larger image).

There’s another interface change out there that I found to be splashy. WordPress 3.1 released last week (yay!) and I updated this website shortly after. Now, when you’re signed in to your WordPress site and you visit your site, you get an opaque ribbon at the top (similar to Google) of your web page. You can go directly to your profile or dashboard, add a post or page, go to your comments, adjust your menu or widgets, and there is a small bar graph showing site stats. I’m not sure if that’s just for me because I have that plug-in, but it’s freakin cool nonetheless (click for larger image).

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