Menu Sexiness in WordPress 3.0 RC2

Don’t know if you knew it, but I’m a WP geek. Not the bonafide ones that just live on the forum, but definitely labeled by others and self-identified as a WordPress geek.

Anyways, I’ve been particularly frustrated trying to customize menus in WP 3.0 RC2 because I thought they canned the ability to specify classes for custom links in the navigation menu. It was there in beta 2, but when I installed RC1 — poof! missing! (BTW, I installed RC2 yesterday and it’s sweet and sexy).

So I’ve been struggling relentlessly trying to find a work around, and then I found this wonderful and easy to understand article:

THANK you, Ivor Padilla. Thank you, thank you very much.

Therefore, when I announced my major disappointment in RC1, I was entirely uninformed and WRONG. At this point I’ve written over my RC1 install because I installed RC2 yesterday, BUT I bet that the screen options allowed for classes and targets and more. The thing that makes me want to bang my head against the wall (most) is that when I first installed beta2, I remember messing around with all the different screen options. Apparently I just took stupid pills the morning I decided that WP canned those menu features. Ah, those blasted stupid pills!

BTW… WordPress 3.0 is so super sick it hurts.

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