“death by PowerPoint”

I couldn’t resist. Check out this article about “death by PowerPoint” in NYT. It reminds of all my all hours-long turned to day-long struggles with PowerPoint in grad school.


It is baffling to see how many of our top military and political leaders spend creating or watching PowerPoint presentations. And I thought my stint with PowerPoint was limited to semester-end presentations… Apparently, I was horribly mistaken.

UPDATE 1.0: I was discussing this NYT PowerPoint article with my co-workers and we made quite a few jokes at PowerPoint’s expense. A few of my fav’s:
“At one point I was the Vice Chancellor of PowerPoint” <-- probably only funny to those who work for a University, but I am one of those so I found it hilarious "Power corrupts and PowerPoint corrupts absolutely" UPDATE 1.3: Google that last quote, Power corrupts and PowerPoint corrupts absolutely, and the first search result is a Wired article from 2003 titled "PowerPoint is Evil.”

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