FPDF issues

So at work I’ve been working on a project. I’m taking data that I’m pulling from a MySQL database using PHP and having two options for the users: a HTML table & a table in a PDF file.

If you ever want to take HTML or data or anything and then turn it into a PDF, check out www.FPDF.org. It’s got free .zip files, scripts, tutorials, FAQs, and a bunch of other helpful stuff.

Wonderful, right? Well, I put in about 7 hours on this project yesterday and I come into work today to tackle the final pieces. Feeling good about it, just gonna knock it out. I’m working just fine, but then I need to look something up in the documentation on FPDF.org and what do you know — the website is down. #*@$%*$%&*@#!!!!!!!!!!

And yet again, frustration ensues…

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