Oreck XL Tower Professional Air Purifier = AWESOME

Oreck XL Tower Professional Air Purifier

Oreck XL Tower Professional Air Purifier

Very recently my dad & step-mom bought us an air purifier as a combined Grad School graduation & birthday present. It’s an Oreck air purifier and let me tell you, it is awesome. Many, many thanks to them.

Within 24 hours of turning it on and keeping it running, Mark’s allergies had 98% cleared up. Now, instead of blowing his nose multiple times in an hour — he only blows his nose when he comes in from the outdoors. Not only that, but every time we vacuum  — this weird, funk smell would always get really powerful in house. Well, turn that Oreck bad boy on its ‘Turbo’ setting while your vacuuming and absolutely NO FUNK SMELL.

We love it and we recommend it. It’s amazing. And it came with full warranty, so we  can take it in and get maintenance and more. We’re definitely going to do something similar when we buy a new vacuum. We’ve had to replace our vacuum almost every year, but if we just put in the money to get a really nice one then we get one with warranty and actually hang on to it longer than one year.

10 stars for the Oreck XL Tower Professional Air Purifier.

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