Snow Leopard

Apple’s latest update for the Leopard OS has come out a month early. Mark was just telling me this past weekend that we need to go to the store and buy it — you can’t just download and install. That kind of sucks, but since we have an Apple Store in our city, it’s not too big of a deal.

Super hot that the update is called “snow leopard” and you can upgrade your mountain cat for just $30…that just shouts out how sexy Apple is…

It installs in 15 minutes, turns on quicker, opens web browsers quicker, and it is 7GB smaller than Leopard. This is sick shit folks. You can even open files on the Mac “side” while you’re running Windows on your Mac…no restart!! Woo hoo!

NYT says that the take-away message is:

Either way, the big story here isn’t really Snow Leopard. It’s the radical concept of a software update that’s smaller, faster and better — instead of bigger, slower and more bloated. May the rest of the industry take the hint.

Check out NYT’s full story here.

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