First webinar!

I successfully presented my first webinar via Zoom Meeting to the Frederick Community College President’s Diversity Task Force.

Zoom Meeting is software similar to GoToMeeting or UberMeeting. I’m lucky to have IT at the university provide a pro-level subscription serve to the meeting software and detailed documentation, but my overall experience with configuration was painless.

I presented on communicating diversity in broad terms: opportunities, challenges, and then methods to consider for internal and external communications.

It was a challenging experience presenting via webinar, I am much more comfortable presenting via in-person settings like conferences or workshops. Unfortunately I couldn’t see the participants at Frederick Community College and there were some audio issues during the Q&A. However, I think my overall delivery of the content went well and I had a great experience prepping for this new opportunity.

Three-finger drag & Macbook Pro Force Touch trackpad

Today I got a brand new computer for work and I am ecstatic to report it is a beefed up, brand new 2015 13″ Macbook Pro. I love it right away (of course) but quickly realized the new Force Touch trackpad did not have three-finger drag as a default option. I didn’t find the drag setting anywhere in the trackpad options (in System Preferences), but luckily I found a support thread that helped me out.

System Preferences > Accessibility > Mouse & Trackpad > Trackpad Options > Enable dragging (click checkbox) > three finger drag

Hard to find location, but SO HAPPY the functionality is still available.

Launching boutique communications firm

I am ecstatic to announce that I’m a co-owner and partner in Elm Creative, a boutique communications firm.

We are a women-owned small business currently based out of Knoxville, Tennessee but have a national market. Our mission is to add value to society by amplifying the good work of others. That’s why we proudly specialize in servicing nonprofits, schools, community development organizations, and conscientious businesses. While our clients include a wide array, they have one common denominator—they add value to society.

I will continue to do consulting work through Luna Media, but now my design and development work will be run through Elm Creative.

Stop by and check out our clients and projects!

Charter school website launch

I have to say, I am really proud of this site. The Early College of Arvada is a college preparatory, free public charter school of 300 students. ECA partners with University of Colorado at Denver to provide students the opportunity to take college courses while still receiving the high levels of support offered at the high school level.

They had an urgent need to redesign their website, and I am so happy to have helped achieve that goal. I think their site tells their story, mission, and future seamlessly and I couldn’t be prouder.